Oursocialwallet, With Bitcoin or Local Currency- Get Unlimited Earnings Daily!!! with prove.

Have you heard about Our Social Wallet?
Not a ponzi, Pyramid, MLM, HYIP or referral scheme. It is a community where,
– participants don’t have a referral link
– risk is minimal as there is a fixed amount to donate (Just $10 BTC or #3000)
– it is transparent, with peer to peer donation. oursocialwallet

Just Follow the following Steps.

Register on Our Social Wallet with your unique email, username and password. Proceed to your email inbox/spam folder and click on the activation link to activate your account. Once your account is activated, login to your dashboard to start participating.

On your dashboard, you’ll see the details of your upline. You have 12 hours to donate specified amount and submit proof. On the menu, click ‘My Upline’ and follow the instructions there to donate and upload payment proof. Donation is via bitcoin or your local currency, ensure you have a bitcoin wallet and fund it. Send the exact bitcoin amount on the page to the bitcoin wallet address on the upline page or you make a bank transfer or deposit of the exact amount which is $10 or #3000. You can upload your transaction hash code or payment proof. Uploading isn’t compulsory  and just make any comment during bank transfer process. (e.g. i have payed from oursocialwallet)

Contact your upline to confirm your donation. He/she has to confirm your donation before the end of 12 hours. Once your donation is confirmed, then you wait.

The next 2 users that register will be assigned to donate $10 BTC each ($10 x 2 = $20) or #3000 each (#3000 x 2 = #6000) to you.

Confirm the donation of these 2 users so that donors can be assigned to them too.

Once you have confirmed reception of 2 payments, click ‘Recycle’ on your dashboard. What recycle does is that it places you at the bottom of the queue so that the next 2 registered users can be assigned to donate $10 each to you. Note that you once you recycle, a new upline will be assigned for you to donate to. Once he/she confirms your payment, you’ll be able to get another 2 donors to donate to you, and the cycle continues….

You can only recycle when you have received 2 donations from downlines.
There is no limit to the number of times you can recycle daily as long as you get confirmed by your upline.

Thanks!!! Stay tuned for more info on motivatus.wordpress.com or MOTIVATUS on facebook. RECESSION IS A SUCCESS IN DISGUISE FOR NIGERIA. HA! HA! HA!

My Sure Cash (MSC) Nigeria [Get 50% after 28 days] – Registration & Login

Let’s see one or two things My Sure Cash (MSC) Nigeria has for us…

You know recession is biting hard, let’s keep helping ourselves the way we are doing to reduce the stress…


MMM Nigeria will be back…

Let’s not put our eggs in one basket, let’s try out other platforms.

My Sure Cash as you already know promises 50% ROI (Return on Investment) after 28 days…

You don’t have to pay immediately, you only have to wait for 14 days or so to get matched and pay…

click this link to register     (Referral e-mail – chijiokejoshua1@gmail.com)

My Sure Cash Review – Key Details

  • Minimum PH –> N1000
  • Maximum PH –> N300000

Registration Bonus

When you PH N20000+ you will receive N10000 reg bonus

When you PH N200K+ you will receive N20,000 reg bonus

mysurecash nigeria

Referral Bonus

Direct bonus —> 15%
2nd level –> 10%
3rd level –> 5%

Appreciation Bonus

  • Letter of happiness or testimonials —> 5%
  • Video of appreciation —> 7%

Other features

  • No central account
  • Website Secured and Encrypted to avoid eaves dropping by Hackers
  • Uploading Fake Proof of Payment will get you banned
  • No guiders
  • No managers
  • You automatically become a Guider to who ever registers under you…

How to register…

MySureCash Registration

On an internet enabled phone, click this link to register     (Referral e-mail – chijiokejoshua1@gmail.com)

Fill the details and just follow the instruction


MySureCash Login

You can simply login to your office by clicking this link

Enter your username and password…

You are in…

6 simple steps to ensure adequate MSC transaction.

STEP 1: Visit MySureCash to get registered as a (MSC) member.


STEP 2: Log into your Personnal Office (PO)

STEP 3: Click on the big blue button (DONATE CASH) and enter the specified amount.


STEP 4: Wait patiently for 14 days to get matched

STEP 5: Proceed with donating cash to your matched pair

STEP 6: You can now click on the big orange button (RECIEVE CASH) to get your sure cash after 28 days.

STEP 7: Go withdraw your recieved cash from your registered bank with us tell others about it and have fun. Thank You

Note:- I’m still in the process of testing out MySureCash…

click this link to register     (Referral e-mail – chijiokejoshua1@gmail.com)

MySureCash will work and let’s hope Nigeria are well informed about this opportunity.

Some will be like, let me wait for Motivatus to test it out first before going into it…

The risk takers are always the early birds, the others enjoy the remnants…

Lol… I’m joking o…

Its a precaution tho..

You can register and secure a position, start with little anyhow.

Recession is not in our diary, Progression is all what I Know…

Long live MySureCash (MSC) Nigeria…

Please use the comment box for questions, contributions relating to the topic, I would love to hear you all…

Get 10% Of Your Money Daily For Life.

Image result for CRYPTOSHARE


Cryptoshare is an Hong Kong company that pays you 10% of your bitcoin investment. I didn’t believe at first until a friend tried it by investing into the company six days back and he was able to withdraw yesterday instantly. Without mincing words, let me work you through what is important and also show you my proof of payment received into his xapo account.

Minimum Investment Amount is 0.00100000btc ( this means 100,000 satoshi ).
You will get 0.00010000btc when you invest the above daily for life or if you don’t invest at all you can still get free 10% of the 0.00100000 sign up bonus…

So what are you waiting for? join this opportunity now by clicking this link
CRYPTOSHARE and start making bitcoin everyday to your account.

Minimum withdrawal is 0.00050000btc (i.e 50,000 satoshi) very easy to achieve.

Below is his proof of payment on his Xapo account which is 500bits (0.00050,000).screenshot_2016-11-14-15-09-20

Enjoy CRYPTOSHARE fellas and ask me anything question too. One love.

Mercedes shifts gears to make way for line of e-cars


Mercedes-Benz unveiled a brand new
SUV concept, named the Generation EQ, at the Paris
Motor Show on Thursday.
The tech-savvy concept car takes futuristic driving
to another level, making buttons and knobs a thing of
the past as it swaps the entire dashboard with a
touchscreen panel.


Generation EQ is just the first of new Mercedes
electric vehicles expected to hit the market, says the manufacturer.
Although still in the concept stage, Mercedes expects
to have 10 electric vehicles on the road by 2025,
which will include everything from sedans to


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Apply For Andela Paid Internship Opportunity. Andela is a new kind of academic experience. It is somewhat like a university, except instead of paying tuition, you earn a healthy income and benefits. Once you are done with basic training and ready to advance, usually within 6 months, we place you as a remote member of a team with one of our partner companies around the globe. You will get to apply your new knowledge to real work while Andela provides you with ongoing professional development and coaching to ensure that you evolve with the industry and graduate with maximum potential for long-term success.

Image result for ANDELA

About Andela

Andela connects companies with top technical talent. We identify high-potential developers on the African continent, shape them into world-class technical leaders, and pair them with companies as full-time, distributed team members. From Udacity to Microsoft, companies at all stages have partnered with Andela to accelerate their product roadmaps while minimizing time spent interviewing, on-boarding, and training new hires.

Image result for ANDELA

Program Benefits

  • Competitive monthly salary
  • High speed fibre internet
  • Financing plans for accommodations and a Macbook Pro
  • Breakfast and lunch Monday through Friday
  • Healthcare coverage
  • Savings account ($5,000 USD upon completion of Fellowship)
  • A community of excellence
  • A chance to change the world

Android 7.0 Has Started Rolling Out, Is Your Device Eligible To Receive The Update?


Google Android 7.0 has started rolling out, the question is your device eligible to be upgraded to Android 7.0?

It will be a disaster if you are still running Android 4.4 Kitkat when Android 7.0 Nougat has started rolling out.

Any OEM that still launches a device with default Android OS of 5.1 lollipop is still leaving in the primitive era of ideology.

Let me brief you on the notable features you should expect to see on Android 7.0 Nougat.

Notable Features of Android 7.0 Nougat

>>Split-screen mode, picture-in-picture, and double tap to quickly switch.

>>Customizable Quick Settings in Android 7.0 Nougat

>>It brings with it the ability to set multiple locales and languages, 72 new emoji, multi-window functionality,

>>Ability to quickly switch to the previous app (by double-tapping the multitasking button),

>>Vulkan graphics API,

>>Newly dedicated VR mode,

>>Doze on the go for better battery management and new data saver for restricting data usage for background apps.

>>Direct replies from notifications, bundled notifications,

>>A built-in mobile data saver,

>>file-based encryption, and much more.

Eligible Devices For Android 7.0

For now these are the first batch of eligible devices Huawei Nexus 6P, LG Nexus 5X, Motorola Nexus 6, HTC Nexus 9, Asus Nexus Player, Google Pixel C, and General Mobile 4G.
Devices also running the developers preview will be eligible.

With time, it will be extended to other devices… Is your smartphone eligible?

Facebook Set Launch ExpressWifi Hotspot In Lagos



I must really say that this is a giant step forward from Facebook considering the success of the free basic internet launched months ago that allow you to access some sites for free with Airtel network.
Now, According to techsuplex, Facebook is deploying ExpressWifi in Lagos in collaboration with Coollink, a Nigerian ISP and System Integrator based in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt and Kano. The service will be launch this week but already in operational in some part of lagos such has Ikota Shopping Complex.

What You Should Know About Express WiFi

ExpressWifi by Facebook is a new program that lets phone owners purchase data from local internet service providers.

With Express Wifi coverage, you’ll be able to browse the sites on Free basics for free, but if you want to go the extra mile, you’ll be charged N40 for 100MB daily upto N1,600 for a 5GB monthly plan.

Well, let me not talk much, See the data plans available on ExpressWifi below:

Data bundle   Cost    Validity
100MB         N40      24hrs
300MB      N110      24hrs
750MB      N270      7 days
2GB          N700       7 days
3GB       N1000       30 days
5GB       N1600       30 days

From the table above, you can see that it offers one of the cheapest data plans so far, Unfortunately, this services will only be available in Lagos. Once Lagos phase is completed, they’ll move to other states too.
You can sign up for a free 14 days trial here, which gives you free 100MB daily.