Wanted Italian Mafia Boss Turned Born Again, Arrested After YouTube Water Baptism Video Exposed Him


A notorious Italian Mafia leader has been arrested after years of evading arrest.


Montella Ruso Anthonio was caught by police after he turned born again and got baptized in a viral video uploaded to YouTube.
His water baptism held off the Italian Coast of Pinetamare and the immersion was done by a popular Pastor in the area.


When the video came up online, Police were able to identify the pastor and traced the suspect to the church. He was quickly arrested in the commune of Villaricca near Naples.


Before his arrest, he was wanted for drug trafficking and leading a Mafia group. He was convicted and sentenced to 5 years in jail.
This is what the Pastor who baptized the suspect, Adelmo Iadanza told police:
“He seemed like a nice man, I am sure there must have been a mistake. He kept very much to himself, but was always in church at the weekend.”
Police said the suspect will be sent to Rome for his 5-year-jail sentence.


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