“Delay” in announcing ministerial list: Buhari is effecting “the change we want” – Tokunbo Ajaṣin



Much ado about Buhari’s taking his time to appoint ministers

It seems that the more we want change, the more we want things to remain the same. Here is Buhari who was elected on the platform of change but when he decides to effectively do things differently we complain.

He recently said that he would not interfere in the election of the Senate president because he could work with anyone (this is a deviation from the way we are used to, particularly during the regime of Obasanjo who interfered and controlled the election of several Senate presidents).

Buhari has a different perceptive but even though people want change, they still want him to control everything like Obasanjo did. Look where it landed the APC. When he said that he did not wish to interfere, they should have let him be, but rather they wanted to coerce him into interfering in…

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