On Forgiveness


Katherine L. Fischer


As a parent, I often find that the struggles I see in my kids are a reflection of a similar struggle in me, because we are all human and our weaknesses are common to us all. Lately, when something bad happens, Audrey seems to always be looking for someone to blame. Just yesterday she was playing with Ben and Willa, jumping on the couch, and she somehow fell off. Her immediate exclamation was “I don’t know WHAT Willa did, but somehow she did something bad and I fell off and got an owie!!!” Hmmm….yes. Let’s just say the old, tired, Genesis story of “the woman made me do it!” and “the snake made me do it!” pretty much repeats itself every day in our house.

In discussing the pitfalls of the “blame game” with Audrey, I’ve tried all the tricks: “sometimes things are just accidents” or “blaming others doesn’t make…

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