Seeing Jesus


creating sacred communities

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My friend gave me her JESUS sign for me to use as an illustration in a  Vacation Bible School class. The story was on the Bartimaeus, a blind man, whom Jesus heals.  Once he is healed, the first person he sees, is Jesus.

None of the kids had ever seen this optical illusion.  Every age group loved the moment that their eyes allowed them to see the word “JESUS.”  “Oh! I see it!” they would say.  “I see it! I see it!  I see Jesus!”  “Do you see it?  Here let me show you…so you he can see him too!”

Vacation Bible School was a month ago, and JESUS is still  in my car.  He’s a quiet passenger, listening in on conversations.

He has driven with me all around town, He has been with me as I have talked on my phone, talked to myself, talked to the radio, and talked…

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