Why Kaduna Politicians Sponsored #90Billion Asset Declaration story Against Elrufai


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Due to huge achievement of Nasir Elrufai Achievement in just 30 days .politicians are now sponsoring hate stories against his good governance .Read below what he achieved in 30days*********

Nasir El-Rufai: What I have achieved as Kaduna State Governor in One Month.
by Nasir El-Rufai

We are saddened by the condition in which we found the state. But we shall never use that as an excuse for non-performance. It is our duty to do our best always. That is why we are finding creative even if difficult ways to deliver on our promises.

I welcome you all with humility and gratitude to the very first Town Hall meeting we are hosting as a government. It is not yet one month since we were sworn-in, but to the extent that it has pleased Allah to bestow His grace upon us, we have set about doing the work of change that you…

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