Failed Government of Failing Citizens?


Maximise Your Life

One of the easiest ways to gain popularity as a public analyst, social commentator or political observer in Nigeria today is to consistently harp on the ineptitude of the government and the resultant helplessness of the citizens. We blame the government for all our problems – insecurity, unemployment, high crime rate, ethnic violence, poor infrastructure, lack of basic amenities, dysfunctional educational system, failing health system and a host of others.


The vast majority of Nigerians are so disappointed with the government that they will readily utilise every platform to express their frustration; and really, who would blame them? Evidently, the government has consistently failed to fulfil the legitimate and most basic expectations of the citizens, such as the ones highlighted above – and that is very unfortunate.

The more unfortunate thing however, is that most of us have unconsciously submitted our lives and destinies to the government we claim not…

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