Grain Harvest Campaign Began in Krasnodon Raion in the LNR


Voices from Russia

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The two guys with “МЧС” (MChS) on their jackets are fire/rescue/paramedic first responders posted to the fields in case of an emergency


Today, we talked to Vadim Lunichev, director of the Krasnodon Grain Enterprise, who told us that the grain harvest campaign had begun in Krasnodon Rasion of the LNR, saying, “Yesterday, we gathered the first harvest… 120 tons of food grain, both third and second class. Now, we’re working to preserve the harvest… drying it, threshing it, and laying it down in long-term storage. Our enterprise is one of five in the LNR that stores grain and oilseeds, and refines them to indicated standards”. Aleksandr Zagoulko, manager of Peremoga, a harvesting group, noted, “The harvest process is going smoothly. Now, we’re trying to get the best grain in before it rains, so that it retains the highest quality.  At first, the seedlings didn’t look good, it looked…

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