Darwinism in World Football


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Social Darwinism in World Football
Gareth Bale - Huffington Post

A few months back, I sat in my Grade 11 History class. We learned about “Social Darwinism.” It was defined as the individual or group whom achieve advantageoverothers as theresult of genetic or biologicalsuperiority. But in order to fully understand the power of social darwinism, I connected it to the world of sport.

In the Early 1900s, Social Darwinism allowed business-men such as Andrew Carnegie and John D. Rockerfeller to exercise financial dominance over counterparts.

100 years later, football giants such as FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, Manchester City, and Chelsea, exercise their dominance over other teams by this same form of Social Darwinism. Smaller clubs such as SD Eibar are forced to create efficient strategies in order to avoid bankruptcy while the giants spend near-unlimited money with loose regulation.

Financial Fair Play, was created in 2010 as a guideline to: “to…

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