Matteo Darmian, RvP to Fenerbahçe and other footbally stuff



Hey guys!

The good news first. A while back, I had expressed a grave concern over Manchester United’s silence in the transfer market after capturing Memphis Depay (who I have deliberately refrained from writing an article about), and even more so in that RB position. I have stated time and again that in under no circumstances should United begin the preseason with Valencia as first choice right back. Don’t get me wrong, however. Valencia is a pretty good player, just not as a defender. He’s much more effective putting his blistering pace to use down the flanks.

Anyway, it seems that the administration got wind of that article and did something about it. From what I can tell, Matteo Darmian is coming to Manchester!

I’m not gonna pretend to be an expert and tell you what Darmian can and can’t do because prior to this news surfacing everywhere online, I…

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