RUSH HOUR 2 (2001) A Favourite Comedy Film & Excellent Karaoke Scene


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Rush Hour 2 (2001), Chris Tucker, Jackie Chan Rush Hour 2 (2001), Chris Tucker, Jackie Chan

I was in the mood for a good comedy this week so I opted for a buddy cop classic. Starring Chris Tucker, Jackie Chan  and directed by Brett Ratner, Rush Hour 2 (2001) is one of my favourites.

The first instalment, Rush Hour (1998) is of course great, but I love Rush Hour 2 more. Not just for the reason that it has the following clip which contains the only instance of Karaoke I have ever been able to enjoy, but because it really is good. Particularly as this time unlike in the first instalment, Jackie Chan’s Lee character cracks a few jokes of his own also.

The reason why the karaoke scene above works so well – besides Chris Tucker’s comedic excellence is the fact that the guy ‘singing’ beforehand seems to believe that he’s actually doing a great job, when clearly that’s hardly the case. Featuring a Michael Jackson classic ‘Don’t…

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