Southampton FC: Don’t Call it a Meltdown


The Archers Road End


Southampton FC havemissed out on the signing of one of our defensive lynchpins last season: Toby Alderweireld.

It’s disappointing. In fact, that’s probably an understatement. The facts that there may be legal ramifications for Atletico Madrid as a result of this, and that maybe (possibly) we may be morally in the right over the terms of the deal we signed, are both moot at this point. We may get a bit of compensation, but we won’t get our man.

It’s galling that he’s going to Spurs given our rocky relationship with them in the past, but I can understand his reasoning behind the move. Firstly, he will be amongst a core of Belgian internationals currently plying their trade at The Lane, and secondly, London is a huge pull for many professional footballers, with its great transport links back to Toby’s native Belgium. Also, when Marc Wilmots or his scouts head…

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