Should we let De Gea go?


All of us by now must be getting really annoyed by the way the De Gea deal is been handled.His desire to leave Old Trafford for Santiago Bernabeu is well known to all. What is the point of keeping a unhappy player at Old Trafford, also De Gea will be out of contract next season and i we dont let him go now,he will certainly go next season for free.No player is bigger then the club at United,plus commercially also it makes sense to let him go this season for a around a fees of 25million rather then let him go free next season.

Looking at the replacements for De Gea,we already have Sergio Romero and there are talks going with the Spurs for Hugo Lloris..According to me the frenchman will be an ideal replacement for De Gea. We should just acknowledge and appreciate what De Gea has done for the club and should let him go.Hope a solution is reached soon to this mess.


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