Should West Ham Sign Bad Boy Barton?

With news that Joey Barton is about to have a medical with West Ham I find it hard to stomach that a player with such a poor disciplinary record and attitude can still play at the highest level.

By giving this kind of player another chance to play in the most viewed league in the world West Ham are saying its okay to say and do what you want as long as you are an above average player.

What kind of example are we setting as a society for young kids looking to get into football if the biggest clubs in our country allow this behaviour to continue, we must stop this feeling that professional athletes are above the law and above reproach, if an employee in any other industry had done the things Joey Barton had done they would be sacked no questions asked and would not then be hired by a competitor so why is this accepted in sport.

Until clubs like West Ham refuse to allow this to happen the problem will only get worse and in 10 years time we will have an England side full of egos and attitudes which is no good for the game, we have already seen this with young players like Ravel Morrison.

My words will not stop this from happening but as a football nation we need to let it be known that it is not okay.


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