Egyptian president calls on Britain to ‘intensify’ investigation into mysterious death of Egyptian man in London


Egyptian president Abdel Fattah el-Sisi has called on Britain to “intensify” the investigation into the “mysterious” death of an Egyptian man in London.


According to a statement published on Mr Sisi’s Facebook page in the early hours of Wednesday morning, the body of an Egyptian citizen, named as Adel Habib Mikhail, was found burnt in a London suburb. Local media reports that the man was 21.
“The Presidency of the Arab Republic of Egypt calls on the relevant British authorities to give due diligence to and intensify investigation into this mysterious incident in order to establish its causes, identify the perpetrators and bring them to justice,” the statement said.
It then adds that “the Egyptian state places great importance on preserving the lives of its citizens inside and outside of Egypt”.
According to the Egyptian ministry of foreign affairs, Mr Mikhail’s body was found inside his car in a London suburb.
Egypt was criticised earlier this year for failing to investigate properly the murder of Italian PhD student Giulio Regeni whose body, bearing signs of torture, was found in a ditch in Cairo.
After Mr Regeni’s body was found, bearing signs of extreme torture, Egyptian authorities first suggested he had been involved in a road accident, and then that he had been kidnapped by a criminal gang posing as policemen.
Egyptian authorities have insisted that the student did not come into contact with the police before his death.
Reuters news agency however has claimed to have spoken to six police and intelligence sources, all of whom confirm previous reports that he was arrested by police in the centre of Cairo and later transferred to the custody of homeland security, the former state security agency.


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