University of Ibadan students shut down school in protest


Students of the University of Ibadan were involved in a protest against the school management’s victimisation of a student who was alleged to have taken part in a recent protest.


According to the students, the school allegedly picked out one student to be punished for a protest which was carried out by hundreds of students in March against the poor power supply and inadequate water in the school.
The students stormed the school’s main gate in the early hours of Tuesday, April 26 and shut it down crippling activities on the campus.
The rampaging students also noted that the power and water situation in the school had still not improved, even after the protest.
They alleged that the university management added an additional semester to one Michael Epeti’s program, a 500-level Engineering student, as punishment for his involvement in the March protest.
The students, chanting songs of solidarity, vowed that the school gate would remain shut until the management rescinded its decision to punish Epeti.
No vehicle was allowed into the campus as academic, administrative and commercial activities were shut down by the protesters and all the gates leading to the school shut.


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